The AGATHA Oral Hygiene System

  • Machine
  • Brush
  • Cartridge

AGATHA MachineThe AGATHA machine embodies a number of safety devices designed to ensure that only the prescribed treatment is given to the patient and that the device is used by trained individuals.

All device settings are touch operated allowing the machine to be cleaned easily and used safely in high risk areas like Intensive Care Units.

BrushThe AGATHA toothbrush is a single-use oral hygiene tool with a small brush head that has soft bristles in-line with evidence based research. The brush also facilitates both suction and irrigation simultaneously in a tool that is easy to use and above all safe.

CartridgeThe AGATHA cartridge is a single-use container that is filled with fluid specifically prescribed by the health professional to meet their patient’s specific needs. It may contain water, hydrogen peroxide and or CHG-based rinses of various strengths.

The cartridge is also designed to store the waste generated by the oral hygiene procedure so that it can be disposed of easily and safely.